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4 Best reasons to buy locally grown food

Jun 27, 2015

Food doesn’t need to be fancy to be amazing. Plain pancakes are taken up a notch when you add local berries, a stir-fry takes on new life when the peas and bok choy are harvested that day.

Although we know it makes sense to buy local and we love chefs that align their menu with the season and have relationships with local farms, we often forget to practice this in our own homes.


Here are a few reasons why buying local is so important to our tastebuds and communities:

1) Local produce has less transport time, which means more time to ripen on the vine and less fuel used to get it to you.

2) Local growers cook with what they grow and are a wealth ideas for preparing, storing, cooking and eating their harvest.

3) The money spent with a local grower gets reinvested into the community in which they reside. They hire local employees, buy from other local businesses, and are invested in the continued health of the environment unlike any other business.

4) It's so fun!!  When was the last time you were able to chat with the person who grew your raspberries or made your wine?  Not only is shopping at local markets and farm stands an adventure, it's the perfect way to learn something new and grow your culinary repertoire.  We dare you to spend 10 minutes with a food producer and not learn something new!

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