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Kidding Around at Milner Valley Cheese

Jun 22, 2015

The first thing you’ll notice as you head down Smith Crescent towards Milner Valley Cheese are the rolling green hills dotted with small specs of white. As you get closer to the blue farmhouse and store, you’ll notice that those specs are actually a large herd of cheerful goats and your day is about to get a little more interesting.

No matter how old or mature you think you are, we dare you to stare at a Milner goat and not giggle. They’ll likely be chewing some grass or lounging in the sun, but we guarantee you’ll want to stand and watch for a while. These 70+ goats are what Milner Valley Cheese is all about and they each have a personality all their own.

This family-run, 50 acre farm is everything you imagine it’ll be. Specializing in goat cheese and other goat milk products, Marianne Smith and her family take such pride in their farm that you’ll want to move right in.


Kind, informative, and incredibly humble, Marianne showed us around during our visit. We got to peek in the windows of the milking facility, learn about the history of the farm and the care that the Smiths take in keeping their herd and lambs safe from area coyotes.

Farming the land for 100’s of years, the entire Smith family is involved. The goats are milked twice a day, 12 at a time, at 5am and 5pm. Cheese is made twice a week by Marianne herself and she is more than willing to guide you through choosing the best one for your meal.

A specialty in the summer months is the Milner Valley Cheese goats milk gelato. The flavours change throughout the summer but we can tell you that the raspberry is absolutely delicious! Fruity and rich, you can try a cone or take home a pint, but either way, it’s worth the trip.

The tour at Milner Valley is self-guided, with signposts on the milking facilities and plenty of places to watch the goats. Lambs, a donkey, and a ‘Lapaca’ (a lama/alpaca hybrid who protects the lambs from predators) are also fun to watch.


Milner Valley Cheese also sells eggs, goat milk soaps, local honey, lamb,and their seasonal goat milk gelato during store hours. We couldn’t help but buy some creamy Chèvre and an aged Colby style goat cheese to take home and try. Spread on warm toast in the morning, we knew we’d made a great choice.

The family behind the operation and the playfulness of their goats will have us returning to Milner Valley Cheese for years to come.

Location: 21479 Smith Crescent in Langley, BC


Tuesdays - Fridays: 1:00pm - 5:30pm

Saturdays: 11:00am - 5:30pm


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