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Education disguised as fun at the Eco-Dairy in Abbotsford

Jul 27, 2015

The Eco-Dairy in Abbotsford is one of those great places on the Circle Farm Tour where the kids will learn a little something while working off that summer energy!  Take a look inside a fully operational dairy farm and explore the interactive exhibits.  Science World and the Eco-Dairy partnered this past year to give families even more to do, touch, and watch in this space, which is open year round in a covered building so you can take a break from the sun or hide from the rain.


There is room on the upper level for birthday parties or meetings and the friendly staff will show you around and share all sorts of interesting facts about their much loved cows.

You'll get the chance to step on a cushioned 'cow bed' (left below) and even try your hand at milking a mechanical cow.



From identifying farmyard animal sounds to touching a cow back scratcher, all of the exhibits are the perfect height for little hands and everything is meant for touch and interaction.

Head into the robotics room to see the amazing robot that greets each cow (with the help of the transponder 'necklace' each cow wears) and measures whether it's time for milking.  On our visit, the cows were lining up to be milked and a treat is dispensed to reward each cow for stopping by.

The Eco-Dairy staff will take you on a tour through the 'cow house' when you're ready, so you can meet the 'girls' who call the Eco-Dairy home.  


You'll be able to see the cow 'back scratcher' in action as the cows walk up and lean against it for a little scratch.  The girls are incredibly friendly and inquisitive and you'll be introduced to them by name.  Feel free to lean in for a better look, but remember that they have tongues that are a foot long, so they may just surprise you with a sloppy kiss!

The girls are free to move around and visit with one another, though when it's hot out, they like a good nap after lunch, or anytime! 

When you're done in the dairy, head outside to visit the other animals, including baby goats (kids), baby cows (calves), pigs, and turkeys.  The goats are especially friendly so feel free to give them some head scratching.


If the weather is cooperating, walk around the petting zoo to the back of the dairy, where you'll find a market on the left, picnic tables, u-pick fields and many more animals to interact with.  A pony, donkey, goats, cows and a herd of sheep call this picturesque area home.  The adorable donkey is particularly friendly and appreciates a back rub if you have the time.



Head back to the parking lot and stop for some ice cream, made with milk from the Eco-Dairy, it's delicious!  You can watch electric cars recharge at the Eco-Dairy charging station and then visit the market for some groceries before heading home.

You won't soon forget your visit to the Eco-Dairy and everyone will have learned a little more about where our food comes from.

More Information:


1356 Sumas Way, Abbotsford, BC, Canada



Monday- Saturday 10AM - 5PM Sunday & Holidays 11AM - 5PM


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